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What Are Essential Oils? Do they work as medicine?

We’ve heard a lot of good things about essential oils (ätherische Öle naturrein). And most of us have tested these oils, usually as a topical use to relieve body aches. The question, Is there more to essential oils than just the obvious topical use? Let’s find out. What are essential oils? Essential oils are mixtures..

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Talk To Your Doctor About Low Testosterone Levels

Testosterone deficiency is a low testosterone level in the blood. The testosterone decreases with the aging of the man. Sufficient testosterone is essential for vitality and quality of life. In about 10% of the 50+ men, the testosterone is so low that this gives rise to complaints. What is Testosterone? Testosterone is a male hormone..

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Why It’s Important to Let Your Doctor Know About Your Weight Loss Regimen

Even if you believe you’re using the best women’s supplements for energy and weight loss, it’s always best to let your doctor know about your weight loss plan. As a matter of fact, your personal doctor can even help you in losing extra weight as she can provide the right answers to important weight loss..

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