The most notable difference between OTC drugs and prescription drugs is the fact that the latter requires authorization from a doctor or from another professional before buying it. So for example, if you are planning to buy steroids Canada and it happens that the product you specifically want needs prescriptions, then you should seek a doctor first.

Following are prime differences between OTC and prescription drugs.


With prescription medications, these are tailored specifically for use by specific people for a specific condition. With OTC medications, these are only considered safe for everyone and could have various purposes. When doctors are writing prescriptions, they are taking into account various factors from their patients such as:

  • Current condition
  • Vital statistics
  • Drug allergies

The mentioned examples are only a few of the things that must be reviewed. This is the reason why prescription medication can’t be taken and used by everyone. It could be good for one person, but may create a completely opposite effect on the other.

OTC Drugs

Over-the-Counter drugs must be used only for treating minor ailments. On the other hand, major diseases and illnesses need more potent drugs in which prescriptions are typically required. Sometimes, it can be partnered with other treatments.

While OTC drugs are not as strong as prescription drugs, they have bigger marginal safety. Meaning to say, more people can use OTC drugs safely.

Drug Dosage

Generally, OTC drugs have a lower dosage compared to prescription drugs. There are several prescription drugs that can be bought as OTC drugs because when sold as OTC, the dosage is lower than the prescription form of the medication. Hydrocortisone and Prilosec ointment are just some examples of drugs that are being sold as OTC and prescription.

When it comes to the pricing of these two drugs, the OTC drugs are more economical in price. There are also generic prescription medications that are more affordable than OTC drugs but in most instances, prescription medications are going to be more expensive. In case of drug used for cancer treatment and several other serious diseases, it can raise the price of a prescription drug by twice more.

Similarities between Prescription and OTC Drugs

There are a number of similarities between prescription and OTC drugs and one of the many is the fact that both prescription and OTC drugs are FDA regulated. However, the process is different. Other similarities of these drugs are that, they have gone through strict monitoring for safety and side effects.