Thanks to the X-RAY Today there are known to be more than 5 billion diagnostic tests of which two-thirds involve the use x-rays demonstrating its significance in medicine and the huge importance of the discovery. Imaging as a diagnostic tool in medicine’s use dates back after the discovery of Wilhelm Röntgen that x-rays may be used to create images of bone structures. Within days of the physicist’s discovery, doctors were adopting the technique to help patient complaints than previously.

Advances in Radiology There have been advances in technology because of the discovery of Rontgen, even though it wasn’t till the 1960’s that the first pictures were produced. The computer hardware and software and Digital imaging equipment to store and view images were developed in 1980’s and these modern services are being provided in major clinics and hospitals all over the world now.

Benefits of Digital X-Ray Imaging There are benefits to an of recording an image, over film way. From a patient’s perspective, the advantages are substantial. The equipment enables pictures to be produced in time and also it can be transmitted to a doctor. This speeds up the time required to diagnose disorders and injuries.

Digital X-Ray Many clinics and hospitals throughout the nation now offer patients digital services. The price of scanners could be expensive for some clinics and access to the digital scanners might be impossible without making a visit to a city.