While the use of human growth hormones (HGH) is not recommended for non-medical purposes, many athletes attest to its efficiency as a body building supplement. Actually, HGH is included ih the US Dept. of Defense’s list of Prohibited Dietary Supplements and is in fact forbidden by sports organizations, particularly the World Anti-Doping Agency. In the US, the use of HGH must be prescribed and supervised by a physician and only for treatment of patients suffering from growth deficiency and not as a supplement for healthy adults.

In the recent report published by GlobalData, the growth hormone deficiency market has been seeing an increase in demand for long acting GH. The latter has extended duration of effective action but showing little to no accumulation in the bloodstream when administered weekly. According to GlobalData, the bulk of the growth deficiency market is shared by Japan, Germany and the US.

Wachstumshormone kaufen (buying growth hormones) at the best prices in Germany is facilitated through Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinics. On the other hand, the long term use of GH for growth deficiency in Japan has not shown satisfactory results since its approval in 1975 as a clinical treatment.

Available reports have it that the therapeutic dose injected on Japanese patients with short stature issues, is said to be lower than the doses prescribed in European and US growth therapy clinics.

Short-Acting HGH vs. Long-Acting HGH

Long-acting GH is touted as more cost efficient as patients need to self-inject only once a week. Whereas short-acting GH treatments are administered daily. Besides, daily injections have been linked to poor therapy compliance while producing suboptimal treatment outcomes.

HGHLager gives advice to consumers to consider the costs when looking to buy growth hormones online as some brands are more expensive. Yet the difference in prices usually depends on the legitimacy of the European HGH manufacturers who use highly advanced equipment. Doing so ensures the quality of the HGH injectables they produce. Also, since it’s a controlled substance, European manufacturers make it a point to be discreet in the fast and safe delivery of the HGH product right at the doorstep of the buyer.

What Do Studies Say as the Effects of HGH on Healthy Adults

Positive effects in the use of HGH treatment for healthy adults have not been supported by extensive study. Some research even disclosed contradicting results. While it is true that HGH promotes muscle growth, the increase in muscle mass does not necessarily equate to increase in muscle strength. There is also no evidence to support claims that HGH treatment has other beneficial effects on healthy adults.