For some physical ailments, the doctor will prescribe a medical massage.

What is a medical massage?

If you want a massage, you are spoiled for choice. Countless massage studios, wellness centers, and physiotherapists offer business trip massage (출장마사지) and a wide variety of kneading treatments.

First of all, it is important to distinguish medical massage from pure wellness massage. The differences are serious. While the wellness massage is intended for pure relaxation, the version prescribed by a doctor has a specific medical purpose.

Medicinal benefits

The medical massage is carried out according to a doctor’s prescription. It is considered to be the application of certain manipulations to treat diseases. Accordingly, the focus is on the alleviation of pain and physical dysfunction.

Professional masseur

The medical massage may only be carried out by a trained masseur. These are either recognized physiotherapists or people who have completed training as masseurs and medical lifeguards.

Neutral environment

You will usually look in vain for a variety of scented oils, soft music, and dimmed lights during a medical massage. The treatment often takes place in a functional environment in physiotherapy practice. You often have to bring your own towels. The massage takes place according to a specific schedule.

The focus is on the complaints

While a full-body massage is often offered in the wellness variant, the medical massage is usually only carried out in the area that causes problems.

The wellness massage is a purely private service that cannot be billed via a doctor’s prescription. In addition, they are also allowed to run people who have not completed any relevant training.

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When is a medical massage necessary?

Medical massage can only be done after issuing a doctor’s prescription. The doctor decides in which cases treatment by a masseur can provide relief. There can be a variety of complaints.

A massage can be suitable to support the treatment of these complaints

  • muscle tension
  • lymphedema
  • postural defects
  • musculoskeletal problems
  • muscle shortening
  • sports injuries
  • organic problems
  • chronic diseases
  • depressions

Medical massage: what techniques are there?

There is no such thing as a specific medical massage. The generic term summarizes many different massage techniques that can be helpful for physical ailments. The possibilities are manifold. Some examples of medical massages that are frequently prescribed are classic massage, lymphatic drainage, or reflexology.