Physical and emotional triggers can mix in erectile dysfunction. Potency problems that were originally physically caused can often lead to additional psychological problems. Purely psychological causes are often found in younger men under 40 years of age.

Psychological causes and stress can lead to erectile dysfunction, even if the physical requirements for a sufficient erection are met. In addition to depression and anxiety disorders, mental illnesses like psychoses or mental fixation are possible reasons for erectile dysfunction. Some people go to for a remedy.

Stress and erectile dysfunction

Stress at work or in private life, excessive demands, reduced self-esteem and partnership conflicts can also put a strain on the psyche. The proportion of emotional causes in younger men with erectile dysfunction is disproportionately high.

Not only the psyche itself but also drugs as part of a therapy for mental illnesses can also cause a deterioration in erectile function with their side effects.

In the case of serious mental illnesses, you should seek professional help. Optimal treatment by the doctor can also be an important step in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Stress relief or learning relaxation techniques can also be useful as a supplement to the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Metabolism and erectile dysfunction

In addition to type 2 diabetes, lipid metabolism disorders are a risk factor for erectile dysfunction. Non-hereditary fat metabolism disorders arise from the constant consumption of high-fat food. Permanently elevated blood lipids, including too much cholesterol, are the result. These in turn lead to the hardening of the vessels through deposits. Erectile dysfunction occurs because there is also reduced blood flow in the erectile tissue. The blood-draining vessels – the veins – are also affected and thus contribute to erectile dysfunction. The blood does not stay in the erectile tissue as long.

Lipid metabolism disorders are often associated with obesity, disorders of the sugar metabolism and/or high blood pressure, all of which are signs of metabolic syndrome and possible contributors to erectile dysfunction.

The erectile dysfunction can be influenced by the doctor regulating the metabolism and setting the blood lipid values ​​optimally. As a supplement to medical treatment for erectile dysfunction, you can change your diet to lower blood lipids.