In a recent clinical trial in Cleveland, researchers discovered that a medicine prescribed as injectable non-insulin drug can boost visceral fat reduction. The medical community welcomed the discovery of a team of researchers from UH Harrington Heart & Vascular Institute, as their findings will be of great help to overweight or obese people looking to reduce visceral fat even before the development of a serious health disorder.

Dr. Ian Neeland, who led the group of researchers said that liraglutide, an injectable, non-insulin diabetes medication can reduce the risks of complications leading to heart diseases that cause stroke, heart attack or even death. According to Dr. Neeland, while they know liraglutide helps Type 2 diabetes patients lose weight, they did not know for sure if the drug can be used specifically for the purpose of reducing visceral and ectopic fat.

Being the Director of Cardiovascular Prevention at the University Hospitals, Dr. Neeland said their discovery is important because broadening the use of liraglutide will be of great help to many people; particularly to those struggling to get rid of the intra-abdominal and liver fats interfering with their body systems.

Still, as in any weight loss pills or supplements, the clinical study also showed that for liraglutide to be effective, users must stick to low calorie diets and increase engagement  in cardio exercises. After the clinical testing was completed at the Southwestern Medical Center of the University of Texas, the researchers arrived at a conclusion that a once-a-day dose of liraglutide can help overweight and obese adults reduce visceral fat.

Apparently, the state of Ohio, where Cleveland is located, has a growing obesity problem as it has been noted by CDC as among the states that doubled their number of obese residents.

CDC Raises Concern Over the Surge of Obesity in 16 States in America

Last September 16, 2021, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in the US, released an alarming report that visceral obesity surged by 35% in 16 American states. The latest number doubled the figures reported in 2018. Residents in the states of Texas, Ohio, Iowa and Delaware have joined other states, namely: Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Louisiana, South Carolina, West Virginia, and Tennessee in CDC’s ranking of states with the highest number of obese people, highly at risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

Although visceral obesity is a highly preventable health issue, most residents in these states are apparently forsaking the health benefits of eating balanced meals and engaging in daily exercise. While reading the findings that the diabetes medication liraglutide can be an additional tool for weight reduction, it is still a medically prescribed injectable weight loss remedy.

New Weight Loss Supplement Also Tackles Reduction of Visceral Fat

Actually, a new weight loss supplement called Exipure was launched last October, 2021, which like liraglutide focuses on reducing visceral fat. However, injectable liraglutide works by emptying the stomach and at the same time suppress appetite in order to achieve weight loss. Basically, liraglutide regulates insulin production in the pancreas,

Exipure, as the manufacturer claims, contains 8 natural active ingredients that work toward converting the white visceral fat stored in abdominal adipose tissues, into brown fat,. Exipure reviews undertaken of weight loss experts explain that while the body produces brown fat only in small amounts, the Exipure formulation makes the conversion of white into brown fat possible.

This new weight loss pill has been drawing a lot of attention as users are giving feedback about faster weight-loss results.