Even as the general public is being warned about the risks of self-medication, many still do so due to high costs of consultations and prescription medicines. Factor in healthcare policies that provide minimal coverage for prescription drugs. Any insufficiency all the more increases out-of-pocket expenses for medical needs.

Such revelations have already been noted in the results of an earlier survey about self-medication, to which about 90% of the respondents admitted they don’t know the type of drugs they buy from pharmacists. On the matter of antibiotic usage, the report revealed that when it comes to antibiotics, 96% of the study respondents lacked knowledge about this type of medication..

Buying Drugs Online Driven by Rapid Rise of Prescription Drug Prices

In addition to self-medication, the rapid rise of prescription drug prices has been driving many people to buy medicines online. After all, since e-commerce drugstores have fewer overhead costs, they can afford to offer medicines at lower prices. Some others allow buyers to purchase without presentation of medical prescriptions, but only for low dosages.

This is why and how some people looking for a stronger form of pain relief can buy soma online even without prescription. However, since Soma or carisoprodol is a Type IV Controlled Substance, those looking to purchase higher dosages of Soma, have to present a verifiable medical prescription. .

According to GoodRx, a leading provider of information about pharmaceutical products and related discount offers, the prices of prescription medicines have increased at a faster rate in recent years, than any other medical products.

The rapid rise is a result of several drug price reforms in favor of pharmaceutical companies, were initiated and implemented through executive orders issued by former president Donald Trump. Apparently, the new Biden Administration has already suspended such price reforms until after further review has been made.

What Else Does the Biden Administration Plan to Do About the Ever Rising Prices of Medicines and Healthcare

Hopefully, the new administration will introduce price reforms in favor of consumers. This is in line with President Biden’s wish of amending the existing law that does not allow Medicare providers to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies in lowering drug prices.

In the first month of his presidency, President Biden also issued an executive order directing the federal government to roll out enrollment for the Affordable Care Act (ACT) in 36 states. The enrollment carried on between February 15 to May 15, 2021.

President Biden’s Affordable Care Act (ACA) aims to increase coverage for people without healthcare insurance policies. However, Biden’s proposed changes in Healthcare Acts and Drug Laws remain to be seen. Majority of the pro-Trump Republicans have made it clear that they have no intention of giving bipartisan support to any of President Biden’s proposal