Having sleep problems? It’s all in the bed, they say. The fact is that the bed you sleep in is just one factor that deprives you of sleep. But it’s also a factor that helps you get enough sleep, so it just makes sense to get yourself a comfortable sleep mattress, not too soft or not too hard. Adjustable beds are the perfect choice. You can look at a variety of choices here – new adjustable beds 2021.

Sleep tips: Get an Adjustable bed or follow these tips

To sleep better, you can do or avoid a number of things. We have listed them for you below:

What you can do:

  • Go outside a lot during the day. A lot of light during the day ensures that your biological clock works properly.
  • Ensure a temperature of about 18 degrees in your bedroom
  • Sports in the evening. Then your muscles are completely tired and relaxed when you go to sleep

What you can avoid:

  • Avoid screens (blue light) an hour before going to sleep
  • Avoid alcohol and of course caffeine before sleeping
  • Don’t sleep in too long on the weekend

The best first thing to do if you think your sleep deprivation is getting worse is to consult with a doctor. Medical intervention is a good thing.

Understanding Sleep Deprivation: Causes and Effects

Many people suffer from sleep deprivation. The causes of sleep deprivation are diverse. Too busy at work, too busy at school, too busy in your head. Sometimes too little sleep is not so bad. Especially not if you catch up later. But long-term sleep deprivation is not good for your health. Do you want to know what you can do about this? Then read on quickly!

Causes of Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation can have multiple causes and those causes can be different for everyone. Some people have a lot of stress or worry all night that prevents them from sleeping. Others have a disturbed biorhythm due to, for example, jet lag or night shifts. What can also happen is that people have physical problems that make them sleep poorly. For example, if people have pain at night due to an operation. In addition, people can also suffer from insomnia or wake up extremely early. This is also known as insomnia. One cause may be a deficiency of the sleep hormone melatonin. Finally, nightmares can also happen and even your eating habits cause sleep deprivation. Eating high-calorie, spicy or greasy foods before going to bed will wake you up faster at night. You will sweat more and can get stomach problems.

Consequences of sleep deprivation

A lack of sleep can have several unpleasant consequences. In the short term, these consequences are not so bad. Most people can just live with this. However, in the long term, there are dangerous consequences associated with too little sleep. We have listed the consequences of sleep deprivation for you below. Do you feel that you have built up a long-term sleep deprivation? Then contact your doctor.


In the short term, the consequences of sleep deprivation are annoying, but manageable. Examples of short-term consequences are:

  • drowsiness
  • Headache
  • yawning a lot
  • Poor concentration


The long-term consequences of sleep deprivation can be very serious. Examples of long-term consequences are:

  • High blood pressure
  • A depressed mood
  • Forgetfulness
  • overweight

Catching up on sleep deprivation

It is sometimes said that catching up on sleep deprivation is not possible, but that is a myth. What is true is that sleeping in for a long time does not work. To make up for your lack of sleep, it is best to sleep regularly and go to bed a little earlier. In addition, you can of course also take a power nap in the afternoon. However, don’t do this too late in the day because then you may have trouble falling asleep at night.