Pills, lozenges, powder – even if they are similar in terms of their dosage form, dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals differ significantly from one another in many ways.

Basically, medicines are supposed to cure diseases and food supplements are not. They are only used as a supplement to the general diet. Accordingly, dietary supplements may not be sold or presented as medicinal products. In addition, they may not be advertised with statements that relate to the elimination, alleviation or prevention of diseases. Therefore, before taking or buying dietary supplements such as exipure, it is best to read exipure customer reviews first.

Exipure dietary supplement versus medicine: The most important differences at a glance

Dietary supplements

  • Belong to the foods that are used to supplement the diet of healthy people.
  • No prior proof of effectiveness or safety to an authority is required. The manufacturer is responsible for safety;
  • Quantities on the packaging can differ by up to 50 percent from the actual quantity in the product.
  • No maximum levels set for ingredients except for technological additives.


  • Are intended to heal, alleviate, prevent or recognize illnesses, ailments, physical injuries or pathological complaints or to influence the nature, the condition or the functions of the body or mental states.exipure customer reviews
  • In the approval process, manufacturers must submit clinical studies that demonstrate the effectiveness and safety of the drugs.
  • Quantities on the packaging may differ from the actual dosage of the active ingredients by a maximum of five percent.
  • Dosages of all ingredients are checked and precisely determined as part of the approval process.

In view of the confusing offers on the Internet these days, comprehensive advice strategies and specific information about the properties and labelling of food supplements and finished medicinal products are urgently required. In addition to pharmaceuticals, food supplements are standard pharmacy goods and are therefore part of the regular range in a lot of pharmacies. As a contact point for patients and many consumers, the pharmacy can make an important contribution to clarifying the possibilities and limits of food supplements and pharmaceuticals through their individual advice.

The differentiation and classification of the products is usually the first step in a product evaluation, which can be fraught with uncertainties and problems even in pharmacies.