You might be thinking, does HGH supplements for men really work? As a matter of fact, there are many other guys who are asking the same question. For adults who might have deficiency in their growth hormone, except from the expected decline as a result of aging, doctors may prescribe them with synthetic supplements.

Cause of Growth Hormone Deficiency

Among most men, the deficiency of growth hormone is primarily triggered by benign tumor on pituitary gland or by the treatment of adenoma with either radiotherapy or surgery. As for adults who have deficiency to growth hormone, injecting HGH can help in a number of ways like the following:

  • Decrease body fat
  • Increase bone density
  • Increase muscle mass and;
  • Increase exercise capacity

Additionally, HGH treatment is approved for treatment of HIV-related or even AIDS-related growth hormone deficiency among adults that triggers irregular body fat distribution.

How is HGH Treatment affecting Older Healthy Adults?

The studies regarding health adults who take human growth hormone or HGH are sometimes contradictory or limited.

Despite the fact that it looks like HGH could help boost muscle mass and reduce amount of body fats in healthy adults, the increase in muscle isn’t always an indication that they have improved strength. It is not clear enough if HGH supplements have the ability of providing other health benefits to adults too.

Are there any Risks to undergoing HGH Treatments?

HGH treatment may cause several side effects towards health adults such as:

  • Type-2 diabetes
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Swelling in legs and arms or also known as edema
  • Increased resistance to insulin
  • Pain in the muscle and joints
  • Heightened risks of certain cancers

There are clinical studies performed regarding HGH treatment among healthy adults have been short and relatively small in duration. With this in mind, there is little to no data regarding long term effects of having HGH treatment.

How HGH is taken?

So far, only the United States is the known country to approve HGH treatment for patients who have growth hormone deficiency as well as concerns related to HIV infection. HGH is effective only if it is administered via injection.

It doesn’t come in pill form. While there are other dietary supplements claiming that it can boost HGH levels in the body, which is available in pill form, there is no actual result or study about it. HGH is deemed to be a controlled substance by FDA. The utilization of HGH for a condition that is not approved like building muscle or as anti-aging treatment among adults is considered illegal.

In a Nutshell

Say that you have specific issue regarding aging, it is recommended to seek your doctor’s advice rather than performing self-medication in hopes that it will “improve your health”.