Aging is a fact of life all humans go through despite the advances achieved by medical science to prolong longevity and improve life during old age. However, scientists admit that there has been very little progress in making the longer lifespan completely disease-free.

The ultimate goal is to discover science that will enable mankind to live longer, and at the same time, have a body that is biologically efficient regardless of chronological age. Biological efficiency denotes having good health, a robust immune system, strong skeletal and muscular support, sharp memory and a set of healthy vital organs.

However, natural aging processes can slow down metabolic processes or the entire range of biochemical processes that enable every living thing, man, animal or plant, to break down food and transform it into health-giving nutrients and energy. Thus, the quest continues for anti-aging medicines that work toward reversing the process of aging.

Some anti-aging treatments are only superficial; meaning they can only correct or change the surface aspects or features. Anti-aging medicines to be truly efficient, can address the underlying causes of age-related diseases not only to beautify external appearance, but also to help improve health while living extended lives.

What Causes Aging?

Scientists have established the fact that one of the causes of aging is the gradual failure of metabolic processes at certain stages in life. Processes tend to regress progressively in ways that affect every organ at varying rates and in different stages. One significant change that takes place as a result of regression in metabolic activities is hormonal degeneration.

The Role Played by Hormones in the Human Body

Hormones play an important role in the human body and in the body’s advancement toward aging. Hormones are natural body chemicals produced by the endocrine glands and released into the bloodstream for distribution to the larger body organs. Hormones help in growth and developments, as well as control moods as responses to metabolism and reproduction.

Still, the endocrine glands control how much hormones should be released to the targeted organs. This denotes that for an anti-aging medicine to work, it should also be able to influence the entire process of hormone production without causing an imbalance. Otherwise, an anti-aging medicine can only cause disruptions in the way the large organs function if one receives less or more hormone than what is needed.

Nonetheless, researchers have established principles as the foundation of an anti-aging system, which individuals can apply or practice on their own.

1.  Improve health condition by eating a hormonally appropriate diet

2.  Enrich the body with sufficient doses of antioxidants and natural substances that provide physiological benefits, including protection against chronic disorders

3.  Improve performance of physical exercises like flexibility training, aerobic and anaerobic activities. Experts believe that it’s never too late to introduce supervised exercise among older people, no matter their chronological or biological age.

4.  Supplement the body with hormones to maintain adequate levels, as early as chronological ages of 20 to 30 years old. .
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