A combination of diet, more exercise, and behavioral changes is recommended for obesity-related weight loss. Many weight loss programs are made up of these elements. Sometimes drug treatment is also an option. Caution is advised with very one-sided diets. Before using drugs, make sure to Read Exipure Customer reviews.

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The body’s resting metabolic rate accounts for an average of around 70% of the daily energy requirement. Physical activity accounts for a smaller proportion of calorie expenditure. The amount of calories ingested therefore has a greater impact on body weight than exercise.

When it comes to losing weight, it is crucial that you consume less energy than you use. Which nutrients the diet is composed of is of secondary importance. Sport and exercise are a useful addition because they support weight loss and can also have a positive effect on high blood pressure and diabetes.

Exipure: What role do carbohydrates, fats and proteins play?

Some forms of nutrition rely on a particularly low-carbohydrate or low-fat diet, or on a particularly protein-rich diet. Such diets can be difficult to keep up with in everyday life because they involve many restrictions. An evaluation of studies comparing different weight loss programs has also shown that it does not matter whether you eat a low-fat or low-carbohydrate diet.

For these reasons, experts advise against one-sided methods. They recommend a personal change in diet that can be realistically implemented and that can also be successful in the long term. For example, some people find it difficult to eat fewer animal products such as meat and cheese, while others find it difficult to eat less pasta, rice, and potatoes.

In addition, the complete renouncement of beloved foods can often not be reconciled with everyday life, with the family or with eating out. In other words, a change to a lower-calorie diet is suitable for losing weight if it is practicable and can be sustained over the long term. Of course, it should not have any health risks or lead to malnutrition.

Exipure: What programs and medications are recommended for weight loss?

Various programs have been developed for weight loss, some of which have also been scientifically tested. All programs recommended for the treatment of obesity contain elements from nutrition, exercise, and behavioral therapy. Changes in behavior can, for example, affect the purchase of groceries. It’s also about learning how to take care of your diet, create a flexible, actionable plan for diet and exercise, and set realistic goals.