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GarciniaCambogia is a tropical fruit which is commonly found in Southeast Asia and India. It is used as a weight loss supplement due to the presence of hydroxycitric acid found in the rind of the fruit. The acid controls your appetite and prevents your body from building fat. The claims of what garcinia can do are tempting but are they really true? We reviewed five of the products to find the real facts. Also, one should not fall for free trials of these products and should actually try one for judging the effectiveness.

Review of Garcinia cambogia products

1. Optimum-Garcinia plus
Optimum Garcinia plus works as a diet supplement. It claims to control hunger, boost your metabolism and prevents the growth of fat. The main ingredients of this product are vitamin C, chromium and garciniacambogia. A trial of 14 days can be purchased of this product online at just 💲4.95. the polls are made in USA and are 100% natural.
Benefits of using optimum garcinia plus
The company claims that taking regular dosage of these pills would help in
• Slowing down your appetite naturally
• Reducing stress
• Gain more energy
• Prevention of building up of fat
The price of the product is not too high and the composition of pill comprises of 500 mg of garciniacambogia extract and 60% of hydroxycitric acid which isn’t bad either but other products in the market do come with higher composition. The makers claim that by taking the pills you can reduce your weight 4 times of the normal condition however there are no studies made to substantiate the claim. In fact, when it comes to garciniacambogia, no studies have been made to provide evidence that this fruit does really work. But if you are one of the people who do believe in its power, you can buy Optimum garciniaplus.

2. Apex garcinia plus
Apex garcinia plus is 100% herbal and is made in a GYP certified lab. The ingredients of this product are 1000 mg of garciniacambogia with 75 % of hydroxycitric acid. The company claims that by regularly taking this pills, you will :
• Reduce belly fat
• Build lean muscle
• Prevent the production of fat.
The company also class to provide you with free trial bottle however this is a lie. The initial shipping cost that you would have to pay is $4.99 and after completion of 14 days, you need to pay $64.99. Though this amount is not payable if you cancel your subscription within the trial period. Also signing up for the trial program implies that you signed up for the auto ship program as well which can turn out to be expensive. The content of this product is impressive with high percentage of garciniacambogia extract but the auto ship feature is a major let down. This increases the cost for you and makes the product expensive. Instead you can opt for similar products which do not come with any auto ship feature and which will help you save cost.

3. Ultra-premium Garciniacambogia
The product is manufactured in USA by the company Garcinia cambogia ultra. The main ingredients of the product are garciniacambogia extract, chromium, potassium and calcium. The company claims that the product is 100% natural and is manufactured in premium quality sterile labs. The main advantages of the product as claimed by the manufacturer are as following:
• Lose excess weight
• Reduce your appetite
• Stimulate the production of lipolysis
• Prevents the conversion of carbs into fat.
Not much information is given about the manufacturer of the product and there is also no money back guarantee being offered with it. A free trail is available for 14 days for which you have to pay the shipping cost and after the expiry of the trial you have to pay 💲69.99. there are no side effects of taking the pills however one can experience slight dizziness and headaches. The product can be only bought online- either on Amazon or the company’s website. It is a good product to try if you are trying to lose weight and are okay with trying something new yet natural.

4. NatureWise Garcinia Cambogia

This is one of the leading dietary supplements with garciniacambogia extracts. It is manufactured in USA and also approved by the Therapeutic goods association. The main ingredients of the product are 500 mg of garciniacambogia, potassium and calcium. The product has also been tested for purity by third party. The pills do not have any side effects and are totally safe to consume. Some of the benefits of the product are as following:
• Prevents production of fat
• Lower your appetite